News 4.2015

„Soundtrack elements have always played an important role in our compositions. With this new, unique project we deepen this.“

The idea: A 10″ with 4 songs as a unique soundtrack project. 4 songs with normal playback time is the optimal total duration for a 10″. Thus, the basis was laid for the project; it was about the number 4 … From the available opportunities they opted for “the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse”. But while working on the project, the running time was exceeded for the 10″ format, turning it now into a mini-album on CD.

The basic structure of the songs include for ENGELSSTAUB typical instrumentation such as guitars, heavy drums and classical instruments. But the musical melting pot of the Apocalypse also includes a classical choir, a children’s choir, more drones and noises and modified field recordings that accompany the listener from the beginning of the Apocalypse to its end and the resurrection. Thus, the listener opens up a musical span of Neofolk, Neoclassical on Ambient to Ritual.
Impressive is also the throat singing (Khoomei) in ‚Famine‘.
Each rider is announced by the recitation (in Polish language) of the corresponding passages of the Bible.
So: “Come and see” or this time: “Come and hear”.